October 6 Sunday Funday

Sunday Funday.png

No videos and no pictures. We finished hand, foot, and mouth disease and then dealt with pink eye (for Jessie and Caid). Unfortunately, pictures of pink eye are just not fun, so none of that for you. There were two videos last week, so feel free to watch one of those over again:).

Prayers and Praises

Prayers, as we are done. So very done with all this sickness.

Praise for the best family snuggle times ever! Until mommy freaks out about germs and washes the sheets again.

Praise for the 7th Women’s Conference, where Carol Wright came and shared some really beautiful insights about peacekeeping and peacemaking (clue: you want to be the latter).

It was mostly just a week to get through and clean up afterwards, but we did enjoy Netflix “Carmen Sandiego,” and the “How to Train your Dragon” trilogy. When you find something a family from ages 1-37 likes, you post it.

Interweb Reads:

  1. God is not boring: “We swing hard thinking that we know, that we can somehow predict His movements, but we miss the ball and we miss it hard. Then we start to wonder if we knew the rules of the game at all. It seems unfair. Why would He throw me a ball I couldn’t hit out of the park?” (Velvet ashes)

  2. Ditching the word “Empowerment” : Just this week my husband advised me against using a very common word because it had become so heavy with cultural connotation. It doesn’t make the word bad, it just means that some people will ride on their experiences with that word and arrive to a destination that you certainly didn’t mean to imply. Personally, I am fine with someone suggesting I don’t use a word—as long as they can give me a thoughtful alternative. And that’s what this article does (spoiler: it’s “Ownership.”). (Craig Greenfield)


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