Sunday Funday September 29

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Dealing with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease was not how I thought this week would go... Who are we? Missionary vloggers! Connecting and sharing missions with weekly videos: Special effects by, music by
The sick girls had to stay home with Caid, but it was so nice to be able to celebrate 6 years of the women's ministry in Cajueiro Claro, and remember past celebrations as well. Special effects by

Praises and Prayers

well, we are sick. So please pray. Hand, foot, and mouth disease, if you hadn’t heard.

The sudden, mysterious middle world of sick, quarantined children.
It is sorta like an airport. Everything moving so fast and yet everything on pause until you finally get to your destination.
It’s like another planet. All rules are off. What time is it? Did we forget lunch?
It is kinda like school break, but your are stuck at home. And the kids are sick and irritable. Like specifically irritable. It is specifically listed in the symptoms: irritability.
I feel like I am on a deserted island, isolated by so much water from everything (ie, adult conversation). The next minute I just wish it was a deserted island, because I can’t handle these children anymore.
Every once in awhile the clouds clear and we have snuggle parties and I remember that this world only shows up a couple times in my lifetime and they are getting so big and snuggle closer still.
Then euphoria gives way to exhaustion and dear God, I am only half way though this...
Bubbles. Slime. Tea party. Dress up. Oh my gosh I am out of ideas and it has been 20 minutes. Go wash your hands again.

Caid and I have been switching off for a bit of time outside of the house each day. And a lovely praise—we celebrated 6 years of women’s ministry at Cajueiro Claro. It is so lovely to see God’s faithfulness through and in time.

Interweb Reads

  1. Have we lost our capacity to weep? “Looking back on that day in the guesthouse, I wonder why being so overwhelmed for others in need has been uncommon for me.” (Ann Voskamp)

  2. Raising Support without selling your soul…or blood: “When I asked my best friend and colleague, single-missionary-Shantelle-Brutsman, how she made it through pre-field without selling her soul? Her answer was “I didn’t. I, for sure, sold it.” (Things we didn’t know)

  3. Why being a mother is not my purpose: “You might argue with me and say that it can be. It is a great one, for sure. But it is not all of who I am.” (Sarita)


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