October 13 Sunday Funday

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Prayers and Praises

Praises as we got better from pink eye (after also getting better from hand, foot, and mouth disease), and we just try to feel normal again.

Praises as the girls got to go back to school after two weeks! Just in time for a special week of celebrations.

Praises as Saturday was Children’s Day (October 12)! Children’s Day is a big deal in Brazil, and we love making sure ALL the children get to celebrate it, not just those with well-off parents. Videos will be coming!

Praises for the bubble maker. My mom bought it for Living Stones awhile ago, and Shelbyville brought it, as well as bubble concentrate—and we were finally able to see its magic!


Interweb Reads

  1. The Last 90 Days: So this is a Rachel Hollis motivation thing—can you believe there is only a little over two months until the end of the decade? This made me stop and think. And drink more water. You can sign up and feel inspired, and then be reminded to be inspired again the next week.

  2. Global Warming Inequality: I don’t agree with all of this, but it has some good facts, and some good points: unfortunately, worrying about global warming (and most other things besides worrying about food and shelter) is something only the well-off get to do. And yes, if you are reading this—you are well-off. “the richest 400 families in the United States now pay a lower tax rate than the bottom 50% of families. Those 400 families – the 0.01% – own more wealth than 60% of households in the US. The top 0.1% own more than 80%. Rates for the top 0.01% and the bottom 50% have been creeping closer since 1960.” So before you post your ideas for saving the world, please make sure it doesn’t mean that it just makes life even harder for those just barely getting by (especially when they are not receiving any of the benefit from exacerbating the problems, like “20 private and state-owned fossil fuel producers are responsible for 35% of manmade carbon dioxide and methane emissions over a similar period.”).

  3. When Quitting Looks Easier: “I tried praying for me and for her but ended up crying even more as she stayed in the forefront of my mind. I couldn’t stop sobbing. To help my mind and emotions get to a more normal state I tried what I now call “Monk therapy.”


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