Amazing FREE Teacher Resource!

Teacher Video for you guys! Anyone interested in character/Bible/skills training--this is some of the best!!! And working with videos makes it super easy and interactive to plan a really excellent lesson. I know it worked for me--so I wanted to share. Check out the whole playlist!

Pretty simple, really. I’ve been loving using YouTube videos in my classroom (internet isn’t reliable yet, so I still save them on a flash drive…but hey—I have a screen in my classroom, so I am NOT complaining), and I love teaching my kids the 8 Keys of Excellence from Supercamp.

So—connecting the 8 keys + the Fruit of the Spirit + some awesome life skills from Supercamp: and you have some good class ideas! And I already searched the Internet and found good videos for each of those three themes for each class! Here is the YouTube Playlist.


Goal Hourglass