Sunday Funday September 8

It's my birthday! After watching lots of acrylic pour videos, I thought I'd try it myself. It isn't as soothing as most of the ones I watched, but I do like the finished product:). Music by Who are we? Missionary vloggers, connecting and sharing missions with weekly videos:

Super teaching resource!!! Supercamp amazing skills, 8 keys of excellence, plus the fruit of the spirit! What??

Jessica's first school presentation (she had no clue what was happening) and Sofia is now a pro at this. We had an amazing celebration of fathers at the International school. Sofia had been practicing (directly to her father) for weeks now:).

Not just a weekly vlog: three of them this week!

Not just a regular Sunday Funday: but a brand new website! (all of this has been a long time coming). So much so, that the rest of Sunday Funday this week will be missing (the Weekly Summary and Interweb Reads)


Sunday Funday September 15