Sunday Funday October 27

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After a couple weeks of sickness...I (Rachel) had a short trip to the USA for the Living Stones Weekend Fundraiser. Thank you so much to everyone who made it happen!!

Prayers and Praises

Praises as travel went well to and from the USA: I (Rachel) was gone a week, but after travel, only in the USA for 4 days.

Praises for the incredible group of people from seven different churches who made the Living Stones Weekend Fundraiser happen! There were so many working pieces: the Middle school bash, the Family Carnival, the Sports Tournaments, and the Sunday Sit-down.

Prayers for the bits of sickness that linger on in our family.

Interweb Reads:

  1. Struggling with guilt in the face of Poverty: “This poverty taught me that humanity could live off little and still survive. It also taught me, however, to carry guilt over any purchase or perceived luxury I might experience in its face.”

  2. When the poor begin to bless: “As we continued to build relationships and rapport with the local pastors, we gently asked them why they thought people in their churches were not living out what they were learning as disciples of Christ and helping the poor or the sick among them. Shocked that we would ask such a question, they collectively replied that if they began personally meeting the needs in their communities, they would lose the aid they were receiving from the West. This aid included foreign workers, such as us, being sent to train them.”

  3. The Books I Recommend over and over: Because you can never have enough book recommendations. Ever.


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