What Missions Means to Me Series

A summary of 15 years of missions work. Check out the whole series on our blog: http://fiveminutesoffergie.blogspot.com/2018/11/what-doing-missions-means-to-me-series.html Here is a list of my top 10 Resources: 1. Alifeoverseas.com 2. Craiggreenfield.com and his books Subversive Jesus and the Alongsiders Story 3. Velvetashes.com (for women) 4. Annvoskamp.com and her books One Thousand Gifts and The Broken Way 5.

In a conversation, one friend remarked about a missionary who'd recently shared at church: "They just seemed to really be doing what missionaries should do...you know...orphans and widows and such."
A wise older woman replied, "You know what missionaries do? They live their lives. They do life and wash their underwear just like you do."
"Except it takes three times longer." I added. Everyone laughed and nodded.
This sums up what missions means to me. But when I unpack it more, I find I could never stop. I hope you enjoy this summary video, and the more in-depth ones in coming posts.